Bohemia Theatre Presents Whitewash

Whitewash is play centred around a dysfunctional family in South East London. The play explores madness, secrets and lies. 

We're all capable of acting completely insane when faced with certain situations and strains throughout life, even love can drive us crazy and the sanest of humans are suddenly acting completely out of character. What are we driven to do when we find ourselves suffocating under pressure and feeling out of control? 

Are we all born mad and we suppress it? Does it lay dormant within us until something clicks that switch? Is it simply society that keeps us all in check or are we all in fact completely bonkers and pretending not to be? 

Whitewash explores the idea of pretending. Covering up parts of who we are, or truths about ourselves for the sake of society, family or personal pride. Why do we feel the need to hide from the people that are supposed to know and support us the most? Why do we exhaust ourselves in designing a mask and creating an alter ego for ourselves in order to feel excepted? Why 're we ashamed to own who we are, despite knowing that every individual on the earth has floors and we 're all broken in our own way? 

We love our families, but maybe we need to except, that sometimes they are not healthy for us to be around. Maybe we need to take a breath, take a moment and remember who we are.