Mon Sans Productions Presents In Waiting

Estelle Avery wakes up in what seems to be a doctor’s waiting room. Little does she realise this is no ordinary waiting room and she is in no ordinary state, she is dead! 

But she is not alone.

When calling for help she comes across Acis Veto a man who has a pipe lodged into his head. He explains that this is a waiting room for dead people with unresolved issues. The person who can help is a mysterious figure called Ignus, the psychologist for the dead. 

Throughout the play she encounters many other dead people such as herself, all with issues they’ve carried on from real life, but as the time passes more questions about her own death come into play. 

Does Ignus have the answers and if so, will she be ready to face the truth that binds all who are in waiting together?

Dates: 11-13th & 16-19th October