The Grrl Collective Presents The Glory Days

There’s only one thing Gloria loves more than herself… and that’s the spotlight.

Gloria is a star. Draped in fur and scotch always in hand, she adores everything about life on set of the 1970’s soap opera ‘The Glory Days’. Up until the announcement of a new female character on the show, that is. Threatened by the arrival of young Valerie on set, Gloria must find a way to hold onto her fame and take matters into her own hands.

Fast paced and wonderfully chaotic, The Glory Days is an original comedy that combines big characters with endless laughs to highlight and parody the prevalence of female competition in TV and film.


Thursday, March 1st 2018, 8pm (theatre door opens at 7:45pm) 

Friday, March 2nd 2018, 8pm (theatre door opens at 7:45pm) 

Saturday March 3rd 2018, 8pm (theatre door opens at 7:45pm) 

Ticketing price: $20.00