Hot Room Theatre Presents Monopoly

A new comedy by award-winning playwright Steven Hopley examines the current difficulties for millenials trying to survive in the Sydney property market. Dealing with subjects like friends and money, class and inequality, self-interest and Sydney’s obsession with real estate, this world premiere will pit the city’s stratified suburbs against each other by undertaking a mini-tour of “Sydney’s Monopoly board”, with performances in the Inner West, North Shore, South West and Eastern Suburbs.

Producers Alison Lee Rubie and Steven Hopley, of Hot Room Theatre Group, started the company to provide opportunities for actors who don’t normally receive roles because of their race, look or socio-economic background. This play has proved the perfect platform for discussion of those issues, as well as issues facing the current generation of young adults struggling to make ends meet.  

The play was conceived during an ultra-competitive all-night Monopoly game, which took place at the after-party of Hot Room’s last production, The Shape of Things. Inspired by the brinksmanship and hilarity of the game, Hopley wrote a play for the same actors to perform. 

The play is about five friends who gather at a harbourside apartment for a friendly game of Monopoly. But when the newest player suggests that they play with real money, the competition heats up – and threatens to change their lives forever. 

October 20 at 8pm

October 21 at 8pm