Blood Moon Theatre's Plays In The 2017 Sydney Fringe

The Blood Moon Theatre is delighted to announce their inclusion in this year's Sydney Fringe. With eight shows across from the 5th of September till the 30th, it's bound to be action-packed. 

The full line-up of plays are:

Awake - 5 - 9 September

It's the middle of the night. The air is still, the moon is up, foxes are skulking under lampposts. Many people are blissfully asleep, unaware of the tortured souls around them who are struggling to sleep. But there is a place where they can meet, a place to find comfort and solace... "I'm Awake"... are you?

I See - 5 - 9 September

Snap shots - fragments of the mind. I see confronts anxiety and explores thought processes with the aid of spoken word and ... Tap Dance. Look into the mind of an "every - day - man" confronting his demons as best as he can.

All Stations to Social Disconnection - 12 - 16 September

Come face to face with the realities of using public transport. Living in a world consumed by technology, stuck in a constant quiet carriage. You've been on the train but never like this before.

Prisoners' Dilemma - 14 - 16 September


Five strangers trapped in a prison cell must face a dangerous dilemma; risk drinking the cyanide or take control with the gun. Their deranged captor just has one rule - only one of them gets out alive. The Australian premiere of Matthew Lynch's funny yet poignant play explores the facades we maintain and what happens when they are broken down.

Noughty Girls - 19 - 23 September

Part sketch comedy, part memoir and full-on nostalgic mayhem, the Noughty Girls are taking you back to a time when flip-phones were fetch, Dolly was our doctor and belly-button piercings were bitchin'. Join them for a very noughty trip down memory lane.

Waiting for Manot - 19 - 23 September

An absurdity in two acts. "If only they'd rape in in the morning, at least I'd get some sleep". Two women wait for the mysterious Manot. The question is if he comes - which one of them will he choose?

I LOVE YOU: A Story of Forbidden Love - 26 - 30 September

This human rights play portrays the strength of the human spirit. Isleen and Asad's story is set at the times of WW1 where a Muslim Turkish woman betrays her father by falling in love with a Christian Armenian man. All religions are based on love and love will always conquer.

What Happened to Mari-Lyn - 26 - 30 September

How did she get here? What pushed her over the edge? It's potentially her last 50 minutes of the rest of her life, she tells stories enveloped in busty ballads, sultry smooth moves and pathetic hilarity.

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