Kristine Landon-Smith Presents I Walk In Your Words

Poignant and funny, I WALK IN YOUR WORDS is a show about identity and belonging. It uses the headphone verbatim technique developed by community arts activist, Anna Deveare-Smith and Mark Wing Davey. Actors have conducted interviews with members of their families & extended communities on the topics of identity and belonging, resulting in a collection of unique and distinctive personal stories.

Some of the interviewed community include stakeholders from the Waterloo Estate, which is to be redeveloped by the NSW State Government. Over 3600 elderly, disabled and low-income people will be relocated under the plan. The interviews have been edited to capture the essence of each voice and the actors perform whilst listening to the recorded material through headphones at the same time. This technique allows every breath, every utterance, every idiosyncratic detail of the speaker to be captured by the performer. The result is a moving, truthful and funny piece of theatre.