Occupy: Theatre, Art & Multi-Media Presents Unknowing

UKNOWING is Occupy: Theatre, Art, Multi-Media’s first production. Written by Chris Le Page and co-directed by Chris Le Page and Georgia Murray. UNKNOWING follows the lives of 5 young Australians living in Sydney navigating, heart break, new sense of agency, personal trauma, career goals and paying rent on time! The characters; Eli, Beau, Sammy, Scott and Amy all have one thing in common, they have no idea what they are doing and are living day to day trying to figure it out.

UNKNOWING starts with Beau’s return after leaving mysteriously, without a word, a month prior.  Throughout the play all 5 characters learn and grow by the secrets kept, friendships becoming closer and sometimes their friendship breakdowns. One thing’s for sure, the “real” world is here, unclear and ready for these 5 characters whether they are ready for it or not.