Expectation VS Reality by Angela Hanna

Angela Hanna is The Diva, the Project is Performing!

Starting out as a vlog concept with some musical numbers thrown in on topical conversation, Angela has now written her first solo cabaret, the Diva takes to the STAGE!

Expectation VS Reality is an hour's worth of comedic storytelling mixed with some fabulous show-tunes, light hearted and upbeat humor and a small and gifted team of co-performers who engage and delight.


Insex is a play exploring the romantic lives of bugs, grubs and flora as the first day of spring approaches, with themes ranging from heteronormativity to hermaphroditism, maturity to matriarchy, pollination to procreation... and all things in Bee Queen. 

Dates: 21 - 24th November

My Medical Centre, Dirty Dancing and Other Things That Nearly Killed Me

When I was six, I hid in grass that I was allergic to until my throat closed and I asphyxiated so I could win a game of Hide and Seek. When I was 16 some guy picked me up and held me over a train station balcony under the impression it would convince me to give him my wallet. When I was 24, some guy I met in a party smashed me into a glass table because he misunderstood the difficulty of the final "lift move" in the film Dirty Dancing. 

Most of these stories I kept to myself and my friends, until two years ago, when I went to a Medical Centre that accidentally prescribed me a heavy dose of antipsychotic medication for asthma because she misread her computer screen. The side effects of that drug somewhat poetically include "decreased lung function". They then proceeded to try steal a needle full of blood out of me because they misread 'liver function test" instead of "lung function test" on a form they wrote themselves. This surprisingly heroic story of medical negligence is available for you to read here.

The public interest of that story made me sit down and evaluate how often these kinda things happen to me. The answer is "about 37 times"... Thirty-seven stories I can think of off the top of my head where my life could have creatively ended. And, although statistically it seems likely, I still maintain it's not really my fault. 

But now it's time for YOU to decide. 

In two and a bit weeks I will be bringing the famed Medical Centre saga to stage at The Blood Moon Theatre for TWO NIGHTS ONLY (26th and 27th October).

This show is part comedy, part horrifying - and YOU get to decide which one it is. You, the audience, will pick which of the (6+ hours) of genuine stories from my life I will fit into the 55 minute show. Some are funny, some are super messed up. We will then construct my life, according to you, and collectively decide how much of my life is my own fault and how much is the incidental negligence of people around me. 

Then we'll tabulate it on some sort of graph and figure out whether it overall reads as a comedy or a tragedy - and thus what significant life changes, if any, I need to make. 

There are also some non-death related stories in there for fun!

The stories include, but are not limited to the following:
The Maroubra Medical Centre Saga
Dirty Dancing, the glass table and Gluing my Head Together
The HSC and the Concerning Detailed story of Choking to Death
Let a Guy Get Brain Damage or Go To Jail: A Sydney Love Story
A Collarbone can Snap Pretty Easily
The Black Death - Germany or Australian edition
The Mugging at Blacktown station & The Security that Wasn't
How to Intervene in a Violent Street Domestic
Multiple Trips into the Burning Building
The Tale of Two Emily's 
Ayahuasca, Peru and the Schizophrenic
Not Ayahuasca, LA and The Naked Psycho
The Mugger and My Potential Trip off the Pendle Hill Balcony
Being a Child Houdini 
Stealing from a heavily armed woman in Prague (and Why You Should learn Basic Words in New Countries)
Figuring Out What is Mushrooms and What is Just Amsterdam
Damaging Nerves in your Toe, Dancing on it and the Repercussions
The Home-Made Napalm story
The Short, Simple Time I Nearly Crushed Myself to Death
The Relationship I wasn't part of
The Vodka Experiment
The Ex-Murderer I Met at a Bar that wanted to chat about Integrity  

Mon Sans Productions Presents In Waiting

Estelle Avery wakes up in what seems to be a doctor’s waiting room. Little does she realise this is no ordinary waiting room and she is in no ordinary state, she is dead! 

But she is not alone.

When calling for help she comes across Acis Veto a man who has a pipe lodged into his head. He explains that this is a waiting room for dead people with unresolved issues. The person who can help is a mysterious figure called Ignus, the psychologist for the dead. 

Throughout the play she encounters many other dead people such as herself, all with issues they’ve carried on from real life, but as the time passes more questions about her own death come into play. 

Does Ignus have the answers and if so, will she be ready to face the truth that binds all who are in waiting together?

Dates: 11-13th & 16-19th October

Fringe 2018: Temporary

Temporary follows the story of Amy who has found herself in another receptionist contract when she had vowed never to do it again.  She smiles politely, makes the perfect cup of coffee and has a delightful phone manner. She spends her days tackling the big issues in life such as the optimal temperature of the air conditioning and what her balding white male boss should buy his wife for their anniversary. While throwing out yet another uneaten platter of client sandwiches, Amy remembers a wise taxi driver describing the workforce of the CBD as always being up. Up in the sky, he repeated. Up and never touching the ground. It is then, that Amy realises her life has become rut of emails, fluro lights and ridiculous colleagues. Until the quest to find the perfect office birthday cake leads her to question her routine and ponder the relevance of high heels in the workplace. Is this the beginning of her freedom or her decent into corporate oblivion?

Created on the clock behind a reception desk, Temporary started as a short play in London. The Australian Premiere brings together an all female creative team, real workplace experiences and a touch of stolen stationary to find humour in the daily grind. 


Fringe 2018: Mosquitoes

When you're invited onto a yacht by a wealthy Sydney-sider you don't say no. Especially if you are an artist, and you could really go for a free meal or a bottle of rum. Gordon, the painter, comes aboard for more than just that. It's seems that's the case for almost everyone.

The Lower Garden Theatre Company presents an adaptation of William Faulkner's satirical novel 'Mosquitoes' set against a climate of art criticism, creation and inspiration. What pushes people away from you can sometimes be your own fight against solitude, and Miss. Maurier is adamant her yacht party will make her happy. If not, then maybe sex will. Drink or swim, that's your choice.

'Mosquitoes' is an intimate night of love, laughter and shattered dreams. The mosquitoes come at dusk.

Starring a cast of local Sydney talent, led by artistic director Todd McHenry.

Performance dates:

25 - 29 September at 8:30pm 

Fringe 2018: Scarecrow

Cally lives a lonely and claustrophobic life with her mother, an eccentric shut-in, in an isolated farmhouse on the edge of a cornfield. She is both spooked and spellbound by the scarecrow that keeps watch. When Cally meets a strange man who beckons her into the cornfields, she is led into a web of lust and betrayal. 

Performance dates:

25 - 29 September at 7pm

Fringe 2018: JIG

Mr. Clickity Cane is the dictator of Whytown, a place where the grass grows purple and it rains blood. He has taken Henry, a rebellious sword fighter, hostage and plans to undertake the ritual that will turn him into a brainwashed killer-slave.

His two friends Alonso and Edward were restrained and unable to help as they watched him being taken but have now geared up to find and rescue him. Along their journey they meet a sword fighter, Alonso's lover and finally the evil Mr. Clickity Cane. All of them suit up for a musical number and a battle to the death.

Performance dates:

18 - 22 September at 7pm

Fringe 2018: Blabberbox

Ricky Bobby was the prince. Quick witted, well spoken, outspoken, charmingly irreverent - Graham Kennedy reincarnate. As he waited for his turn to ridicule society, society moved on.

In the light speed world of digital entertainment, where reality and satire have blurred, is there still a place for social critique in Australia? Is there still a place where families can sit in front of the telly for some informative news and meth-based humour? Is there still a place for Ricky Bobby? In a last-ditch attempt to resuscitate a career that was aborted without government funding, Ricky returns as the host of 'Blabberbox' - where your opinion matters... or at least we say it does.

Performance dates:

September 11 - 15 at 7pm

Fringe 2018: Everyone I've Ever Loved Or Slept With Or Both

"I reckon I'm always going to think about you when I pop my pimples."

Everyone... is a new Australian work that interrogates how we carry within us the people and places that impact us throughout our lives. Featuring a wide array of group movement and poetic monologue and developed with an exciting group of Sydney based performers, Everyone... is endearingly honest in its portrayal of our relationships with our friends, families, and loved ones.

Written by M. Saint Clair and Directed by Liz Arday

Presented by Revolvings Days

Performance dates:

September 4 - 8 at 8.30pm


Fringe 2018: Sandra To Register 2. Sandra, To Register 2.

Sandra and Debbie see dead people. It's their day-job. These two deceased make-up artists wait out their stay in purgatory, attending to the cosmetic needs of those travelling from the world of the living, to the world of the... decomposing? 

From the creative minds of the award-winning web series THIRTY (winner of 'Best Dramedy' at New York Webfest and 'Best Drama' nominee at Melbourne Webfest), comes a brand new comedy with a morbid twist. Watch these two lost souls make over their colourful corpse clients, as they live by the motto: "Nothing is impossible, but decapitation is... tricky".   


"These two make me want to dropeth my quill." (William Shakespeare)
"They're the funniest corpses we've seen since the celebrity influx of 2016 *pelvic thrust*." (Elvis Presley)
"This behaviour is why I'm not letting them in." (God) 

About the creators:

Tricia-Lyn Morosin is an Australian-Lebanese actor, voiceover artist and writer, based in Sydney. She graduated in 2016 from Sydney Theatre School with a Diploma of Arts (Acting). Since graduating, Tricia has taken a sell-out devised show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Poo Shame, Vagina Curiosity & Other Things That Won't Kill You) with an STS ensemble. She has also written, produced and starred in the new web series THIRTY, which launched in May 2017. 

Madeline MacRae graduated from Sydney Theatre School in 2017 with an Advanced Diploma of Arts (Acting). Her most notable roles have included Rosalind in As You Like It (STS), Ellen in The Little Dog Laughed(New Theatre) and Jess in the web series THIRTY. She is currently producing and starring in the physical theatre show If Symptoms Persist Fall Apart, which premieres at The Red Box in September as part of The Sydney Fringe.

Performance dates:

September 5 - 8 at 7pm.

Bohemia Theatre Presents Whitewash

Whitewash is play centred around a dysfunctional family in South East London. The play explores madness, secrets and lies. 

We're all capable of acting completely insane when faced with certain situations and strains throughout life, even love can drive us crazy and the sanest of humans are suddenly acting completely out of character. What are we driven to do when we find ourselves suffocating under pressure and feeling out of control? 

Are we all born mad and we suppress it? Does it lay dormant within us until something clicks that switch? Is it simply society that keeps us all in check or are we all in fact completely bonkers and pretending not to be? 

Whitewash explores the idea of pretending. Covering up parts of who we are, or truths about ourselves for the sake of society, family or personal pride. Why do we feel the need to hide from the people that are supposed to know and support us the most? Why do we exhaust ourselves in designing a mask and creating an alter ego for ourselves in order to feel excepted? Why 're we ashamed to own who we are, despite knowing that every individual on the earth has floors and we 're all broken in our own way? 

We love our families, but maybe we need to except, that sometimes they are not healthy for us to be around. Maybe we need to take a breath, take a moment and remember who we are. 

Dinosaur Productions Presents Arthur & Marilyn by Jasper Lee- Lindsay

All these years later, everyone has their own version of Marilyn Monroe. But one man has claimed to have known her better than anyone else; her husband and famous playwright, Arthur Miller.
Arthur wants to share who Marilyn really was. But with the memories comes all the baggage, and Arthur may not be as in control of the story as he thought.

Jasper Lee-Lindsay's debut play is an expansion of his award-winning short play of the same name, and takes a deeper look at the dispossession of identity, and how your story shapes you when you’re not the one telling it.

Dates: May 29th – June 2nd

Hamlet At The Bottle-O

Nick Mercer taps into an explosive keg brimming with laughter and disaster in his new show “Hamlet at the Bottle-O”.   Bringing you amazing stories about the life of a Premium Beverage Consultant (that’s “Bottle-O Bloke” to you), Nick does Australia’s five great sacred occasions – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Australia Day (whenever you celebrate it), Christmas, and New Year’s.  Share a bevvy with Nick while he gives you the dirt. Less than an hour, more than three standard drinks, with good viscosity, a long finish on the back palate and a cheeky spritz.

Dates: 15-26th May from 7:30pm

LZA Theatre Presents Yours The Face

An Australian photographer and an American model come together in London to create the perfect image. But behind the pixels lies a world of obsession, exploitation and emptiness. Yours the Face is the story of a photograph. Or rather, it is the story of the story that the photograph will not tell.

From the pen of Australian playwright Fleur Kilpatrick (2018 Max Afford Playwrights’ Award winner) comes an alluring and intricate critique on gender, power and consent. Staged as a duologue for a solo voice, exciting newcomer Daniela Haddad performs the duel roles of Emmy and Peter.

Part theatre, part video installation, part feminist reclamation. 

Directed by Liz Arday (2018 Sandra Bates Director’s Award winner), this promises to be one of the most electrifying and exciting productions the Blood Moon Theatre has yet to see.


Dates: 1-12 May from 7pm with a run time of 60 minutes. And for more information click HERE.

LZA would like to acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of this land on which we meet and share our work. We pay our respects to the Elders both past and present. We acknowledge that these lands have been stolen, that sovereignty has never been ceded and that this always was, always will be, Aboriginal land. 

DKL Productions presents SEX & DEATH

Something in the Basement

by Don Nigro

Night. Philip and Mary, in bed. He wants sex, she doesn't. They argue. Same old story. Suddenly, a strange noise in the basement. Reluctantly he investgates. Nothing. But the sounds persist, becoming more intrusive. What is in the basement, and what is its strange, erotic hold on Mary? Why can't Philip hear it and why does he extract such a terrible revenge? An Amateur Production By Arrangement with ORiGiN tm Theatrical, on behalf of DKL Productions.

It's Time - world premiere

by Garreth Cruikshank

1972. A mother and son are preparing for his 21st birthday party-cum-Whitlam election celebration. Change and optimism are in the air, but Mrs O'Brien has dark secrets she needs to confess before the night is over, for today Patrick is officially a man, and he needs to know the truth. It's Time deals, not only with the cancer of our time - domestic violence, but the place of women Australian society over the last 100 years. It is a story of everywoman - one that is still being repeated on a daily basis.


Occupy Presents LGBTQI Theatre Festival 2018 - Journey

The LGBTI Theatre Festival is an emerging theatre festival that aims to provide a platform for queer artists, performers,  play and screen writers, poets, drag king and queens to produce and devise original works. Through this festival we aim to showcase the diversity of the queer voice. Last year’s Festival sold out and had a variety of performance.

This year we are moving to Sydney and expanding the festival to a three night event. The theme this year will be “JOURNEY”. 

Click below to find out more details about the event and buy tickets. 


The Grrl Collective Presents The Glory Days

There’s only one thing Gloria loves more than herself… and that’s the spotlight.

Gloria is a star. Draped in fur and scotch always in hand, she adores everything about life on set of the 1970’s soap opera ‘The Glory Days’. Up until the announcement of a new female character on the show, that is. Threatened by the arrival of young Valerie on set, Gloria must find a way to hold onto her fame and take matters into her own hands.

Fast paced and wonderfully chaotic, The Glory Days is an original comedy that combines big characters with endless laughs to highlight and parody the prevalence of female competition in TV and film.


Thursday, March 1st 2018, 8pm (theatre door opens at 7:45pm) 

Friday, March 2nd 2018, 8pm (theatre door opens at 7:45pm) 

Saturday March 3rd 2018, 8pm (theatre door opens at 7:45pm) 

Ticketing price: $20.00

LZA Theatre Presents Debris

An unreal journey through two disturbed minds, and the unfolding events leading up to the self crucifixion of their father in the front room. Enter the insane world of siblings Michael and Michelle. Debris is a depraved vision of the world, seen through their eyes.

LZA Theatre is excited to present their first Australian production in the dying heart of Sydney's Kings Cross district, in the gritty and intimate Blood Moon Theatre. Off the back of their OFFIE nominated London production of Lally Katz's The Eisteddfod, LZA brings a depraved and intoxicating punch of in-yer-face theatre from the pen of internationally acclaimed playwright Dennis Kelly (Matilda the Musical, Osama the Hero). Join us on an odyssey of pain, blood, love and loss.

"A talent to disturb"  - Michael Billington, The Guardian

"A dramatist blessed with both rare skill and a profound understanding of the way we live now" - Charles Spenser, Daily Telegraph

PLEASE NOTE: This production contains adult themes, course language and references to suicide. 


Writer Dennis Kelly  

Direction Liz Arday 

Lighting Design Liam O'Keefe 

Fight Choreography Diego Retamaldes 

Michelle Lana Kershaw

Michael Aslam Abdus-samad