Bohemia Theatre Presents Whitewash

Whitewash is play centred around a dysfunctional family in South East London. The play explores madness, secrets and lies. 

We're all capable of acting completely insane when faced with certain situations and strains throughout life, even love can drive us crazy and the sanest of humans are suddenly acting completely out of character. What are we driven to do when we find ourselves suffocating under pressure and feeling out of control? 

Are we all born mad and we suppress it? Does it lay dormant within us until something clicks that switch? Is it simply society that keeps us all in check or are we all in fact completely bonkers and pretending not to be? 

Whitewash explores the idea of pretending. Covering up parts of who we are, or truths about ourselves for the sake of society, family or personal pride. Why do we feel the need to hide from the people that are supposed to know and support us the most? Why do we exhaust ourselves in designing a mask and creating an alter ego for ourselves in order to feel excepted? Why 're we ashamed to own who we are, despite knowing that every individual on the earth has floors and we 're all broken in our own way? 

We love our families, but maybe we need to except, that sometimes they are not healthy for us to be around. Maybe we need to take a breath, take a moment and remember who we are. 

Dinosaur Productions Presents Arthur & Marilyn by Jasper Lee- Lindsay

All these years later, everyone has their own version of Marilyn Monroe. But one man has claimed to have known her better than anyone else; her husband and famous playwright, Arthur Miller.
Arthur wants to share who Marilyn really was. But with the memories comes all the baggage, and Arthur may not be as in control of the story as he thought.

Jasper Lee-Lindsay's debut play is an expansion of his award-winning short play of the same name, and takes a deeper look at the dispossession of identity, and how your story shapes you when you’re not the one telling it.

Dates: May 29th – June 2nd

Hamlet At The Bottle-O

Nick Mercer taps into an explosive keg brimming with laughter and disaster in his new show “Hamlet at the Bottle-O”.   Bringing you amazing stories about the life of a Premium Beverage Consultant (that’s “Bottle-O Bloke” to you), Nick does Australia’s five great sacred occasions – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Australia Day (whenever you celebrate it), Christmas, and New Year’s.  Share a bevvy with Nick while he gives you the dirt. Less than an hour, more than three standard drinks, with good viscosity, a long finish on the back palate and a cheeky spritz.

Dates: 15-26th May from 7:30pm

LZA Theatre Presents Yours The Face

An Australian photographer and an American model come together in London to create the perfect image. But behind the pixels lies a world of obsession, exploitation and emptiness. Yours the Face is the story of a photograph. Or rather, it is the story of the story that the photograph will not tell.

From the pen of Australian playwright Fleur Kilpatrick (2018 Max Afford Playwrights’ Award winner) comes an alluring and intricate critique on gender, power and consent. Staged as a duologue for a solo voice, exciting newcomer Daniela Haddad performs the duel roles of Emmy and Peter.

Part theatre, part video installation, part feminist reclamation. 

Directed by Liz Arday (2018 Sandra Bates Director’s Award winner), this promises to be one of the most electrifying and exciting productions the Blood Moon Theatre has yet to see.


Dates: 1-12 May from 7pm with a run time of 60 minutes. And for more information click HERE.

LZA would like to acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of this land on which we meet and share our work. We pay our respects to the Elders both past and present. We acknowledge that these lands have been stolen, that sovereignty has never been ceded and that this always was, always will be, Aboriginal land. 

DKL Productions presents SEX & DEATH

Something in the Basement

by Don Nigro

Night. Philip and Mary, in bed. He wants sex, she doesn't. They argue. Same old story. Suddenly, a strange noise in the basement. Reluctantly he investgates. Nothing. But the sounds persist, becoming more intrusive. What is in the basement, and what is its strange, erotic hold on Mary? Why can't Philip hear it and why does he extract such a terrible revenge? An Amateur Production By Arrangement with ORiGiN tm Theatrical, on behalf of DKL Productions.

It's Time - world premiere

by Garreth Cruikshank

1972. A mother and son are preparing for his 21st birthday party-cum-Whitlam election celebration. Change and optimism are in the air, but Mrs O'Brien has dark secrets she needs to confess before the night is over, for today Patrick is officially a man, and he needs to know the truth. It's Time deals, not only with the cancer of our time - domestic violence, but the place of women Australian society over the last 100 years. It is a story of everywoman - one that is still being repeated on a daily basis.


Occupy Presents LGBTQI Theatre Festival 2018 - Journey

The LGBTI Theatre Festival is an emerging theatre festival that aims to provide a platform for queer artists, performers,  play and screen writers, poets, drag king and queens to produce and devise original works. Through this festival we aim to showcase the diversity of the queer voice. Last year’s Festival sold out and had a variety of performance.

This year we are moving to Sydney and expanding the festival to a three night event. The theme this year will be “JOURNEY”. 

Click below to find out more details about the event and buy tickets. 


The Grrl Collective Presents The Glory Days

There’s only one thing Gloria loves more than herself… and that’s the spotlight.

Gloria is a star. Draped in fur and scotch always in hand, she adores everything about life on set of the 1970’s soap opera ‘The Glory Days’. Up until the announcement of a new female character on the show, that is. Threatened by the arrival of young Valerie on set, Gloria must find a way to hold onto her fame and take matters into her own hands.

Fast paced and wonderfully chaotic, The Glory Days is an original comedy that combines big characters with endless laughs to highlight and parody the prevalence of female competition in TV and film.


Thursday, March 1st 2018, 8pm (theatre door opens at 7:45pm) 

Friday, March 2nd 2018, 8pm (theatre door opens at 7:45pm) 

Saturday March 3rd 2018, 8pm (theatre door opens at 7:45pm) 

Ticketing price: $20.00

LZA Theatre Presents Debris

An unreal journey through two disturbed minds, and the unfolding events leading up to the self crucifixion of their father in the front room. Enter the insane world of siblings Michael and Michelle. Debris is a depraved vision of the world, seen through their eyes.

LZA Theatre is excited to present their first Australian production in the dying heart of Sydney's Kings Cross district, in the gritty and intimate Blood Moon Theatre. Off the back of their OFFIE nominated London production of Lally Katz's The Eisteddfod, LZA brings a depraved and intoxicating punch of in-yer-face theatre from the pen of internationally acclaimed playwright Dennis Kelly (Matilda the Musical, Osama the Hero). Join us on an odyssey of pain, blood, love and loss.

"A talent to disturb"  - Michael Billington, The Guardian

"A dramatist blessed with both rare skill and a profound understanding of the way we live now" - Charles Spenser, Daily Telegraph

PLEASE NOTE: This production contains adult themes, course language and references to suicide. 


Writer Dennis Kelly  

Direction Liz Arday 

Lighting Design Liam O'Keefe 

Fight Choreography Diego Retamaldes 

Michelle Lana Kershaw

Michael Aslam Abdus-samad  

Laugh Master Academy Presents Term 4 Student Showcase

Laugh-Masters Academy Presents our end of term Improv Student Showcase! 

The first showcase includes performances by: 
Level 1 Monday (Teacher: Talya Finberg
Level 1 (#2) Saturday (Teacher: Lauren Hayward
And a performance from LMA House Team Lolwhut!?

The second showcase includes perfomances by:
Level 1 Saturday (Teacher: Josh Magee
Level 2 Monday (Teacher: Jeff Mesina
Level 2 Saturday (Teacher: Josh Magee)
And a performance from LMA House Team ShutUp Darryl

Best of all, every show comes with LMA's patented, trademarked and generally agreed to be awesome, "Super Chuckle Guarantee". So put it in your calendars and get ready to enjoy a bellyful of laughs.

This is only on December 2 with the first showcase on from 4-6pm and the second showcase on from 7-9pm. 

Kristine Landon-Smith Presents I Walk In Your Words

Poignant and funny, I WALK IN YOUR WORDS is a show about identity and belonging. It uses the headphone verbatim technique developed by community arts activist, Anna Deveare-Smith and Mark Wing Davey. Actors have conducted interviews with members of their families & extended communities on the topics of identity and belonging, resulting in a collection of unique and distinctive personal stories.

Some of the interviewed community include stakeholders from the Waterloo Estate, which is to be redeveloped by the NSW State Government. Over 3600 elderly, disabled and low-income people will be relocated under the plan. The interviews have been edited to capture the essence of each voice and the actors perform whilst listening to the recorded material through headphones at the same time. This technique allows every breath, every utterance, every idiosyncratic detail of the speaker to be captured by the performer. The result is a moving, truthful and funny piece of theatre.


Occupy: Theatre, Art & Multi-Media Presents Unknowing

UKNOWING is Occupy: Theatre, Art, Multi-Media’s first production. Written by Chris Le Page and co-directed by Chris Le Page and Georgia Murray. UNKNOWING follows the lives of 5 young Australians living in Sydney navigating, heart break, new sense of agency, personal trauma, career goals and paying rent on time! The characters; Eli, Beau, Sammy, Scott and Amy all have one thing in common, they have no idea what they are doing and are living day to day trying to figure it out.

UNKNOWING starts with Beau’s return after leaving mysteriously, without a word, a month prior.  Throughout the play all 5 characters learn and grow by the secrets kept, friendships becoming closer and sometimes their friendship breakdowns. One thing’s for sure, the “real” world is here, unclear and ready for these 5 characters whether they are ready for it or not.


JackRabbit Theatre Presents HIJACKED RABBIT

JackRabbit Theatre presents four fresh new Australian plays as part of HiJacked Rabbit, its new short play season.

This latest incarnation from the company that brought you Front, Sex Object and Dirty People promise to give audiences two weeks of jam-packed laughs and entertaining theatre.

Michael Abercromby, Charlotte Devenport, Elle Harris, Zoe Jensen, Emma O’Sullivan, Adam Sollis, James Sweeny, Seamus Quinn, Lincoln Vickery & Jane Watt. 


Hit is a blisteringly paced new comedy by writer/director Lincoln Vickery that follows David, a man who comes home to find his boyfriend Marlon has shot a woman dead, her body on the lounge room floor.

Starring Seamus Quinn, Adam Sollis, Elle Harris and Emma O'Sullivan, Hit is an action packed 50 minutes of danger, meditation and salmon.

There's shouting, there's guns, there's a stand-off at the's a show about love.

Written & Directed by Lincoln Vickery

Produced by Loredana Cross

With Seamus Quinn, Adam Sollis, Elle Harris and Emma O'Sullivan


“Sometimes life can be a real cunt but sometimes it’s the most beautifulest thing in the whole world. So we hold onto that. Ya know. That something nice might happen. That someone nice might happen. And then what do you know we’re doing it. We’re living”

Winnie lives in an airport. She didn’t always live in an airport but she does now. She likes it though. She loves the tension, the high stress situations, watching people crack under the pressure. She’ll chat to anyone who’ll sit still long enough and hand out advice like candies though it’s easy to hold the mirror up for others because we don’t have to look at ourselves.  

With a heavy dose of whimsy, Gate 64 is a playful look at life on the fringes. Stories that have been meticulously collected like stamps are presented with pride and expertise by our host and raconteur, Winnie. 

Written & performed by Jane Watt

Directed by Michael Abercromby

Produced by Loredana Cross


Gwen and Sue. Gonna smash ya face. Just say when. Anytime. Anyplace.

Don’t wrong Gwen and Sue. They’re bad. They’re the first drug dealers the world has ever seen. Well, 10,000 years ago they called it drugs, now we just call it ‘fruit’. They sell all the good stuff; bananas, apples, melon, oranges and a giddy new discovery they call pashing-fruit.  However, when their hard-earned profits get snatched and their next exploration is in jeopardy – they must teach that slimy thief a lesson and take back what is rightfully theirs.

Written by James Sweeny

Directed by Charlotte Devenport

Produced by Loredana Cross

With Michael Abercromby, Zoe Jensen & Jane Watt


As WW3 approaches don't get complacent, get in the bunker - Judy's bunker. We should all be planning, we should all be worried...

...But Judy says; "Relax! I've done all the worrying for you!"

 As shit gets WW3 real on the streets of Sydney, Judy will give you a full run down of a bunker that's beyond your wildest dreams. Yes we'll be in hiding, and yes there'll be rules but it's ok... 

...Because Judy's got a plan. 

Written & performed by Emma O’Sullivan

Directed by Charlotte Devenport

Produced by Loredana Cross


Blancmange Productions Presents Gloveman

Blancmange Productions will present the dramatic and comic new play The Gloveman by C.J. Naylor in King Cross’ Blood Moon Theatre from 4th to 14th October 2017.

A champion goalkeeper is undermined by a manipulative match fixer.

Royce is triumphant as a soccer goalkeeper, but when manipulated by maniacal match fixer Hugh and investigated by journalist Gabe his career and happiness become increasingly fragile.

Royce is emotionally devastated when his disabled sister Edith is seduced by Hugh with hollow promises to take her to the big city and get her into the movies.  Royce and his local pub pals, fearing their reputations will be destroyed, devise a clever way to bring retribution to the match fixer. The Gloveman is directed by Michael Block.

October 4 - 14 at 7:30pm.

Hot Room Theatre Presents Monopoly

A new comedy by award-winning playwright Steven Hopley examines the current difficulties for millenials trying to survive in the Sydney property market. Dealing with subjects like friends and money, class and inequality, self-interest and Sydney’s obsession with real estate, this world premiere will pit the city’s stratified suburbs against each other by undertaking a mini-tour of “Sydney’s Monopoly board”, with performances in the Inner West, North Shore, South West and Eastern Suburbs.

Producers Alison Lee Rubie and Steven Hopley, of Hot Room Theatre Group, started the company to provide opportunities for actors who don’t normally receive roles because of their race, look or socio-economic background. This play has proved the perfect platform for discussion of those issues, as well as issues facing the current generation of young adults struggling to make ends meet.  

The play was conceived during an ultra-competitive all-night Monopoly game, which took place at the after-party of Hot Room’s last production, The Shape of Things. Inspired by the brinksmanship and hilarity of the game, Hopley wrote a play for the same actors to perform. 

The play is about five friends who gather at a harbourside apartment for a friendly game of Monopoly. But when the newest player suggests that they play with real money, the competition heats up – and threatens to change their lives forever. 

October 20 at 8pm

October 21 at 8pm

Blood Moon Theatre's Plays In The 2017 Sydney Fringe

The Blood Moon Theatre is delighted to announce their inclusion in this year's Sydney Fringe. With eight shows across from the 5th of September till the 30th, it's bound to be action-packed. 

The full line-up of plays are:

Awake - 5 - 9 September

It's the middle of the night. The air is still, the moon is up, foxes are skulking under lampposts. Many people are blissfully asleep, unaware of the tortured souls around them who are struggling to sleep. But there is a place where they can meet, a place to find comfort and solace... "I'm Awake"... are you?

I See - 5 - 9 September

Snap shots - fragments of the mind. I see confronts anxiety and explores thought processes with the aid of spoken word and ... Tap Dance. Look into the mind of an "every - day - man" confronting his demons as best as he can.

All Stations to Social Disconnection - 12 - 16 September

Come face to face with the realities of using public transport. Living in a world consumed by technology, stuck in a constant quiet carriage. You've been on the train but never like this before.

Prisoners' Dilemma - 14 - 16 September


Five strangers trapped in a prison cell must face a dangerous dilemma; risk drinking the cyanide or take control with the gun. Their deranged captor just has one rule - only one of them gets out alive. The Australian premiere of Matthew Lynch's funny yet poignant play explores the facades we maintain and what happens when they are broken down.

Noughty Girls - 19 - 23 September

Part sketch comedy, part memoir and full-on nostalgic mayhem, the Noughty Girls are taking you back to a time when flip-phones were fetch, Dolly was our doctor and belly-button piercings were bitchin'. Join them for a very noughty trip down memory lane.

Waiting for Manot - 19 - 23 September

An absurdity in two acts. "If only they'd rape in in the morning, at least I'd get some sleep". Two women wait for the mysterious Manot. The question is if he comes - which one of them will he choose?

I LOVE YOU: A Story of Forbidden Love - 26 - 30 September

This human rights play portrays the strength of the human spirit. Isleen and Asad's story is set at the times of WW1 where a Muslim Turkish woman betrays her father by falling in love with a Christian Armenian man. All religions are based on love and love will always conquer.

What Happened to Mari-Lyn - 26 - 30 September

How did she get here? What pushed her over the edge? It's potentially her last 50 minutes of the rest of her life, she tells stories enveloped in busty ballads, sultry smooth moves and pathetic hilarity.

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Blood Moon Theatre Presents Script In Hand

WHERE: Blood Moon Theatre rear of The World Bar 24 Bayswater Road Kings Cross.

WHEN: 7.30-10pm fourth Monday each month March-November each year.

2017 SEASON:

Monday 24 July

Monday 28 August

Monday 25 September

Monday 23 October

Monday 27 November

ADMISSION FEE: $20 for everyone, actors, directors, writers, MC. Actors Anonymous Inc membership included. Turn up and pay at the door or book HERE.

Actors Anonymous Incorporated (AAI) was established ten years ago as a not-for-profit network of actors, directors, writers and producers, who create, perform and produce independent theatre, radio and film in Sydney. AAI have several thousand members.

Productions include 8 years of monthly Script-In-Hand performances at El Rocco, Kings Cross Hotel Theatre, Hayes Theatre, and from April 2015 in Blood Moon Theatre Kings Cross - plus Radio Playhouse on Triple H 100.1 FM since October 2016.

Script in Hand accepts scripts of any length and genre from writers and programs them into our monthly productions of Script in Hand in the Blood Moon Theatre. Scripts are selected to form a two-hour program, directors are assigned, actors cast and plays are rehearsed and presented on stage, script in hand, in front of an audience with costumes, props, sound and music/SFX included. Full-length plays are broken up into 20min acts and performed over several shows.

Script In Hand enables the writer to see their work staged close to a full production. Our monthly guest MC runs a Q&A in each half of the program so the writer and all involved in the staging can get feedback from the audience (mostly theatre people). Average audience is 40-50 people.

By attending the rehearsals and the show the writer is able to participate in the development of their script for stage. Many have gone into full production after this development process.

There is no charge to the writer for this process. Everyone pays $20 admissions to Script In Hand; these funds cover venue hire, insurance and the cost of our sound and lighting operator.

The writer submits scripts to from these our monthly programs are created by Ruth Fingret (writer-director) & Ron Hadley (performer-director).

Stephen Carnell (producer-director-writer) & Joy Roberts (producer-director) share the responsibility of recruiting directors, assigning the scripts and running the shows.

Potential SIH actors & directors please email your bio to  

Each script is allocated up to 20 minutes. Total performance time is around 100 minutes, so four to six scripts will be read by actors after a rehearsal or two with a director during the week prior to the show.

How to get your work read:

1. Attend Script-in-Hand (SIH) meetings.

2. Email your script to  

3. You’ll receive an acknowledgement.

4. A director will be assigned and actors cast a week before your reading.

5. You can select a director & actors yourself, but you MUST advise us.

6. You must attend the performance.